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Top O' the morning, Hoopsters!

If you are reading this, chances are darn near 100% that you successfully signed up for Jabin's March Madness Charity Pool.  OK, let's just say it, you did it.  You're in it to win it. Congratulations, and look at you!  You're in for 3 weeks of fun as we go through this Madness that is March together.

Before the Eagles won the Super Bowl, I would have said that March Madness is my favorite sporting event ever.  Now it's, well, the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.  But enough about that (wait, not enough, did you see when Nick Foles faked like he was...).  Ok sorry, back to hoops.

Day 1 is in the books, and I'm sad to say that I missed most of the action because I was sitting on a plane.  I'd like to say I was going to or returning from live basketball action, but no such luck.  So Day 1 update is going to light on game/commercial action and heavy on logistics, but I'm back in the March Madness Bunker now, and I don't plan to leave until the teams get to San Antonio.  That's my level of commitment to you, the home viewer.

We had our first Cinderella of Day 1, and thy name was Loyola of Chicago, sending Miami (FL) home before things really got started on a clutch 3-pointer at in the final seconds.  Great game, great fight from the 11-seed Ramblers.

Not to be outdone, the Bulls of Buffalo, a 13 seed, took care of No. 4 Arizona, but it wasn't even close.  Hard to consider them a Cinderella when they just dominated the PAC-12 champs, but the seeds say they deserve a glass slipper.

The Alabama-Virginia Tech game gets my vote for most entertaining of the night. Alabama's Collin Sexton (SEC Freshman of the Year) is just fun to watch play. Period.

In the pool standings, two players -- Dakin Bacon and Bobby Schmitt -- missed just one game on Thursday's opening and lead the field with 15 points. They are followed by 15 players at 14 points, so as I say every year, it's still wide open!

So we bid a fond adieu to 16 teams today, and 16 more will go tomorrow, but we're just getting started.  Complete pool standings after the first round are available here, and I'll be back with more after Friday's second day of Round 1.

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