BobbySchmitt Leads Pool Heading to Sweet 16

After a day of carnage for many of the top seeds, BobbySchmitt retained a stranglehold on his Saturday lead in Jabin's March Madness Charity Pool.

BobbySchmitt leads the pool with 45 points, followed by 4 players (SerenityNow!, KathyN, Powerspeed, and Tommy) at 44. Dakin Bacon and David Wiz Stabb are 2 back at 43, and then 7 players tied at 42. The games are worth 3 points for Thursday and Friday's Sweet 16 play, so lots of changes can still take place.

Sunday, (Blue) Bloody Sunday

Sunday was not a good day to be a blueblood program in college basketball, because these guys had a target on their backs. And we lost some good ones. Defending champ North Carolina suffered a beat-down at the hands of Texas A&M (a whole lot of people didn't see that coming, so don't sweat your bracket), Sparty was shown the door by a Syracuse team that was the last at-large team invited to the dance, and then late-night Florida State ousted top-seeded Xavier. After this ACC regular season, nobody, and I mean nobody, would have predicted that Syracuse and FSU would still be playing after the first weekend and North Carolina would not. But that's March Madness, folks. We also lost Cincinnati, which fell victim to an unbelievable Nevada comeback. Those are some serious high-end college basketball programs (a number 1, two 2-seeds and a 3-seed) that were bounced on Sunday.

For a bit of perspective, losing two No 1 seeds (Virginia and Xavier) before the Sweet 16 has only happened 3 times previously in tournament history. Wow!

cincy fans give memphis bad yelp reviews

Speaking of the Bearcats, it's safe to say that there were a lot of basketball fans from Cincinnati in Memphis this weekend, as both Xavier (1 seed) and Cincy (2 seed) were playing there. It's also safe to say they did NOT have a good time on Sunday. Both teams that call Cincy home were upset, as were, no doubt, their fans. Tough day in what may appropriately be called, the "Birthplace of the Blues." Ouch!

"Football" schools tangle in March

In a matchup of schools known more for their football programs, the basketball teams from Clemson and Auburn hooked up on Saturday in what I thought would be a good game. I was wrong. Clemson came out and took it to Auburn, and the game was a laugher by halftime. Then they kept running all the way to the finish, an amazing 77-48 bludgeoning. And this Auburn team was no joke - they won the SEC regular season in what was an incredible year for the SEC (8 teams invited to the tournament), so they just flat didn't show up Sunday. Still scratching my head about this one.

Farewell, UMBC

Damn, I was hoping this story would last a bit longer. UMBC, after its historic win over Virginia on Friday night, hung tough with Kansas State for much of the game, and it was still in doubt with three minutes left. But K-State pulled away at the end to send the Retrievers home. Just a great story, and these kids put UMBC on the map. Sad to say I'm not sure how long Coach Ryan Odom will be there, because that dude opened some eyes in this tournament, and bigger schools will come after him with many dollars.

The South Region is Cray Cray

Remember yesterday I said how Kentucky scares me with how well they are playing. Well, it gets even better (or worse, depending on your perspective). The Wildcats, at #5, are the highest remaining seed in the South Region. That's right, you heard me, the South has lost its top 4 seeds, as Virginia (1), Cincinnati (2), Tennessee (3) and Arizona (4) have all been upset. Kentucky is joined in their Sweet 16 regional by Nevada (7), K-State (9), and Loyola Chicago (11). Holy Calipari, Batman!

I want my DirecTV ... Not!

The voting is in (it was 1-0) and the winner for the worst TV ad during March Madness goes to DirecTV. I don't know about you, but seeing a couple break up and the woman throw the man's possessions out of a second story window (including a cable box) really makes me want to sign up for a television subscription. I'm pretty sure I'm not DirecTV's target demo, though, because I literally had to change the channel during their ubiquitous campaign that showed people enjoying bad things happening to them (paper cuts, walking into doors, spilling stuff on themselves, etc.) that somehow you were supposed to connect the dots into buying  a TV subscription from these jack-wagons. It's me, right?

I was totally kidding about BDO

Let me issue a formal apology to the good people at BDO for yesterday's post.  And I promise I am NOT just saying that because there has been a black helicopter hovering over my house all day. People who know don't mess with BDO.

OK, so that's it for the tournament's first weekend.  And what a weekend it was!  I'll be back to talk at you Thursday night as we get into the Sweet 16. Until then, you can check out complete pool standings at the site.

Jabin White