Elite Eight, Day 1

Another day, another leader in Jabin's March Madness Charity Pool.

Loyola University Chicago and Michigan punched their tickets as the first two entrants into the Final Four, and Jon Stein 1 used Michigan's win to take a one-point lead in the pool standings.

Jon Stein 1 scored 4 points on Saturday to get to 57 points, but he is followed by Serenity Now! and KathyN (co-leaders entering Saturday) along with M and M (who also had Michigan) at 56 points, and then Mark Swartzberg and BobbySchmitt at 55.

Sunday's games are bound to bring some scoring, as 1 seed Kansas plays 2 seed Duke, and 1 seed Villanova plays 3 seed Texas Tech.

Who you callin' cute?

So if you're like me, you've thought that Loyola University Chicago has been a pretty "cute" story during March Madness. Maybe it was their 98-year-old team chaplain, Sister Jean the nun, or the fact that they hail from the Missouri Valley Conference, but I was all set for them to bow out at a reasonable time like the nice mid-major that they are.

Shows what I know.  They are now a Final Four team.

What that means, dear readers, is that they have a legitimate shot at winning this whole thing. They are just two games away, and "cute" is toweling off and leaving the gym. Legit title contenders (but still a great story).

And before you get in line (behind me) beating yourself up over your bracket, just remember that nobody had them picked to get this far. So don't sweat it, enjoy the ride, and you're not losing any points to anyone else as these guys bust brackets all over the land.

Enough with the Dilly Dilly

Hey Bud Light, I thought I was pretty clear that Dilly Dilly had played?  This is the time of the tournament where: 1. We've watched a lot of good basketball, and 2. We've seen the same commercials so many times that ones that were just annoying in the first round become unbearable by now. Bud Light is right up there, followed closely by (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Charles, Spike, and Samuel L.

As I said, lots of potential scoring on Sunday, as the last two teams make their way to the Final Four. Until then, complete standings are updated and available on the site.

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