We have a Final Four! (and "M and M" takes the lead)

Villanova and Kansas grabbed the last two tickets to the Final Four on Sunday, and in the process gave us a new leader in Jabin's March Madness Charity Pool.

M and M picked both games correctly on Sunday (good for 8 points) to surge into the lead with 64 points.  He is followed by five players - Hang on Sloopy, John Stein 1, Laubie, Powerspeed, and Tommy -- with 61 points. Sissy, KathyN, and Serenity Now! follow with 60 points.

Next Saturday's national semifinals are worth 5 points, and the championship game is worth 6 points, so you know the rest. :-)

Hello, Newman!

Kansas guard Malik Newman scored 32 points, and absolutely took over in overtime as the Jayhawks sent the Blue Devils packing. It was a great game, and I'll refrain from any Duke-bashing for now. I can always pick on Grayson Allen next year (oh wait!).

Kansas became the second 1 seed to make the Final Four after Villanova on Sunday, and made the right side of the bracket stay true to its seeding. Unlike the crazy left side, which features 3 seed Michigan and 11 seed (11 seed!) Loyola University Chicago. Ironically, the two 1 seeds face each other in next Saturday's national semifinal, while Michigan and Loyola square off in the other semi.

Villanova returns to Final Four

The 2016 champion Villanova Wildcats outlasted Texas Tech on Sunday to get to their second Final Four in three years.  It was a tough game for the Wildcats, who went down 9-1 early and shot horribly from 3-point land all day, but in the end they prevailed. It was their 134th win in the last four seasons, an NCAA record.

So next Saturday, we have an epic clash of Villanova vs. Kansas in one semifinal, and a "whodathunkit" matchup of Loyola Chicago vs. Michigan in the other.  Should be a great couple of matchups. Until then, complete standings are updated and are available at the site.

Talk to you on Saturday.

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