Hawthorne Wingo leads after Round 1

Hawthorne Wingo completed the first round of play missing just five picks, and leads with 27 points after the first round of Jabin’s March Madness Charity Pool.

But as I say every year, and I mean it every year, there is a whole lot of basketball yet to be played in this madness that is March, so don’t fret. Twelve players are breathing down HW’s neck just one back at 26 points, and 15 more are two back at 25.

I’m not going to lie to you fine people, I saw very little of today’s action (and what I did I saw on my phone), as I was otherwise occupied**, so tonight’s update is going to be very scarce on the games and commercial sarcasm. I will endeavor to do better tomorrow.

Complete standings after Round 1 are available here.

** I had the great pleasure of watching my daughter and her Dartmouth teammates defeat Columbia, 21-2, in a women’s lacrosse game in New York. As much as I love watching this basketball tournament, it takes the Silver Medal to watching my daughter and her teammates play lacrosse. :-)

More tomorrow,


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