Dribble holds on to the lead

Our leader after Thursday night is still our leader after Friday night.

Dribble, who went 4-for-4 on Thursday, went 3-for-4 on Friday night to maintain the lead in Jabin’s March Madness Charity Pool with 77 points.

Tacalicious, on the strength of a perfect 8-for-8 in the Elite 8, stormed into a three-way tie (with David Turner and Hawthorne Wingo) at 72 points. JonStein1 and NovaGuy1985 are 6 back at 71 points, and ChaChaRito is all alone in 7th place at 70 points.

Complete standings going into the Elite 8 are available here.

Dookies escape, Part Deux, The Legend of Curly’s Gold

You have to feel bad for Virginia Tech’s Ahmed Hill. He had the ball in his hands, was rising up to the rim, his team down 2 with 1.1 seconds on the clock. But he clearly thought he had less time than he did, which explains the volleyball set shot he tried instead of a shot that fell short, as the Dookies escaped with a 75-73 win in an all-ACC Sweet 16 matchup. For the second game in a row, the Dookies escaped a game with the losing team missing a shot they just can’t miss. But that’s why they call it “madness.”

Auburn wins the Charles vs. Kenny game

Auburn played a great game and bounced the North Carolina Tar Heels from the tournament, busting a TON of brackets in the process. By the numbers, of the 187 entrants in the pool, 26 brackets had the Heels as national champions, and 36 had them in the Final Four. So if you had them going all the way, at least you had a lot of company.

Auburn lost Chuma Okeke to a gruesome knee injury late in the game, and an emotional Bruce Pearl choked up in the post-game interview when asked about him. It was tough to watch, but there was a nice moment in the locker room when his teammates held him up as Okeke moved the Auburn name forward in the bracket. Going to be tough sledding for Auburn against Kentucky without him.

Sparty Enjoys Light Practice

As proud of the SEC was of the Auburn win, the LSU performance vs. Michigan State in early game Friday was not one to make the conference proud. Or maybe Sparty was just that good. Either way, this game was never close, and the outcome was pretty much decided by halftime. Tom Izzo and crew move on to the Great 8, and LSU has a sit-down with some NCAA investigators in its future. Can’t help but think that the “powers that be” were glad to see the Tigers exit. Have to think it was getting awkward with the shadow of the Will Wade tape in the background.

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

By now I’m sure you guys have seen the promo that CBS is running the heck out of for the show “The Code.” Is it me, or do they owe Aaron Sorkin a check? The plot looks exactly like “A Few Good Men,” without Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, and Jack Nicholson. But that’s just me. I even checked out the IMDB page, and there is no mention of the movie. Hmmm.

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, make it stop

Good news for the AT&T “dumb announcer” commercials (which have strangely grown on me). I’ve changed my mind about the worst commercial during March Madness (shout out to NovaGuy1985 for his suggestion). It is now the Dodge commercial with the truck tailgates. I’m not quite sure what is supposed to be going on in this commercial, but if I pretend to get it, will they stop?

Dig Deep for Charity

We have roughly $1500 in the bank for the winning charity so far this year, but there is still time to watch the pot grow. If you haven’t made your donation yet, please take a moment now to go to the GoFundMe page and take care of business. Lots of folks are still in the running to name the winning charity.

Jabin White