Dribble remains atop standings

A furious night of two games, with one 1-seed bounced and another just barely hanging on, and we are right back where we were following Friday’s play. Dribble still holds the lead with 81 points, but Tacalicious continued his furious picking by getting both games right today to close the gap to just 1, with 80 points. David Turner and Hawthorne Wingo are five back at 76, and NovaGuy1985 stands alone at 75.

Complete standings after Saturday’s play are available here.

What a Game!

Virginia barely escaped being the third top seed to miss the Final Four, but some clutch shooting and defense prevented that. Just an amazing finish to regulation, and an incredible overtime, as the top-seeded Cavaliers survived a Purdue team on a roll. Carsen Edwards has become my favorite player in the Big Dance (42 points tonight on some ridiculous shooting), and I will miss him, but Virginia was just too much in overtime for the Boilermakers.

Another Day, Another 1 Seed Bounced

Following North Carolina’s untimely (for some) exit on Friday night, 1-seed Gonzaga was shown the door by Texas Tech in an absolutely amazing show of defense on Saturday night. The Zags averaged about 88 points per game during the regular season, but were held to just 69 by the Red Raiders. This one was close all the way, but Texas Tech had more in the tank at the end and hit some big shots. In a tournament that had gone pretty much according to form (or “chalky,” if you are into that vernacular - I’m not), the Elite 8 saw

Local TV Ads

We live in an age of amazing scientific achievement. We’ve put a man on the moon, mapped the human genome, and eradicated countless diseases. So why the heck can’t we figure out a way to balance the sound between national and local advertisements. I get it, this is the very definition of “first world problem,” but it just makes me wonder. National spot for Chris Paul and Oscar from The Office selling insurance or Sir Charles hawking credit cards at regular volume, followed by a local ad where I can barely hear Jay Wright or Nick Foles telling me how great a local car dealership is. Not that I really want to, mind you, but it’s a real head-scratcher. You can tell we’re down to the Elite 8 when I’m picking these nits. :-) Zip it Larry Bird. Not you Larry Bird.

Talk to you Sunday.

Jabin White