Virginia and Texas Tech bring clarity to pool finish

Virginia and Texas Tech advanced to the national championship game, and the outcome of Jabin’s March Madness Charity Pool became crystal clear on Saturday night.

To put it simply, we have two scenarios for Monday night. A Virginia win will give Amy C the title. A Texas Tech win gives Dribble the crown.

Here’s how we got here. Amy C picked both games correctly on Saturday night, and has Texas Tech playing Virginia in her championship bracket, with Virginia winning. Her current point total is 84 points, and a UVa victory Monday will give her 90 points and the title.

Nobody in this pool picked Texas Tech to win the title. So if they do, the points remain unchanged from what they are now, and right now Dribble leads the pool with 86 points, just one point ahead of Tacalicious (both Dribble and Tacalicous have Duke as national champion).

So there you have it.

Complete standings after the national semifinal are available here.

Texas Tech smothers Sparty

I had a science teacher when I was younger who kept a boa constrictor in a tank in his classroom, and he was a bit twisted. He enjoyed feeding mice to the snake while the class watched. The feeling I had then is a little like the feeling I have now watching Texas Tech play defense.

Michigan State was its latest victim. Sparty played valiantly, but Texas Tech disrupted, confused, and locked down enough to hold MSU to its lowest point total of the sason — and Jarrett Culver provided a dagger 3-pointer with a minute left to send the Red Raiders into the championship game. Texas Tech scored the last 9 points in this game after State cut it to 1, so this game was closer than the 10-point margin made it look.

Wahoos make school history

The early game featured a pretty close affair throughout, with lots of back-and-forth, but what a finish! In the end, Virginia won it’s first game in the Final Four in school history, which is saying something, because Ralph Sampson went to that school.

Let’s be clear, after Virginia went up 10 late in the fourth quarter, Auburn stormed back and flat out had this game WON. Well, except for a guy named Guy. Kyle Guy, that is. He hit a 3-pointer with less than 10 seconds left, then got (clearly) fouled while attempting a 3-pointer with less than a second left, and sank all three free throws to put his team up 1 and send them to Monday’s championship game. Major League clutchness by the young man who was a Mr. Basketball from the state of Indiana.

We found out after the game that the refs missed a double-dribble call on Ty Jerome, which may have tainted the win a bit, but not really (you never know how it would have turned out).

OK, will be back to you Monday night with the winner of this thing.

Jabin White