Virginia, Amy C have a good night

One Shining Moment for the Virginia Cavaliers, and One Shining Charity win for Amy C.

Amy C picked a perfect Final Four to storm back in the final weekend to take the top prize in Jabin’s March Madness Charity Pool.

Virginia scored 11 straight points in overtime against one of the best defenses this tournament has ever seen, including 12 of 12 free throws. But it was not without drama, as the Cavs gave up a 7-0 run near the end of regulation to go down 3, but hit a 3-pointer with 12.9 seconds left to force overtime.

Everyone made a big deal over Virginia’s journey from last year, when they were the top seed in the tournament but lost in the first round to UMBC, the first time ever a #1 seed lost to a 16 seed. But don’t forget they were down 14 in the first round this year to Gardner Webb, but somehow “Mr. Jefferson’s University” found a way.

Amy C. finishes with 90 points to take the prize, followed by Hawthorne Wingo alone in second place at 87, DAWGS RULE and Dribble tied for third at 86, and Tacalicious stood alone in fifth place at 85.

Here is the complete list of the final standings of this year’s pool.

I’ll be back to you soon with Amy C’s winning charity, and will wait a week or so to make the donation. That’s a subtle way of saying there is still time to donate to our winning charity.

Thanks to everyone for playing. As I say every year, if you had half as much fun playing the pool as I do running it, we’re doing pretty well.

Back to you soon with the particulars on our winning charity. You all did some good.


Jabin White