About me

Jabin White head shot.JPG

My name is jabin

(it's pronounced Jay-bin)


So, where to begin? Well, how about some personal information? I live just outside of Philadelphia, PA, in the lovely little town of Villanova, with my wife and two kids. I work for ITHAKA, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the academic community improve teaching and learning through the use of digital technologies.  The two main products I work on are JSTOR, an online archive of journals, books, and other sources, as well as Portico, a preservation service for digital content that ensures future generations have access to all the knowledge that is being published today.  I love it.

I am a proud graduate and proud supporter of Wake Forest University, home of the Demon Deacons. You may have heard of our golf team (Arnold Palmer went there, among many others) or our basketball team (Tim Duncan and Chris Paul both went there), but probably not our history majors.

Lastly, I love all kinds of technology, but I'm not IN LOVE with technology. I believe it should be used as a force for good, but sometimes we get a little carried away. It should be used to help, not as a distraction or "because we can," but those are just my opinions.  Seems I am increasingly in the minority on those thoughts.